Sell Your Car or Value Your Trade-In Near Charleston

Our auto finance center provides car shoppers the experts and online car financing tools to make this process simple. We work hard to take any possible hassle out of securing a car loan or setting up a new Ford lease near Charleston. One way that we accomplish this is through our vehicle trade-in center. 

Our car dealership buys cars and accepts trade-ins, which helps car shoppers save without having to sell their car themselves. Below, we cover the trade-in process, FAQs about trading in your car, and how to use our online form, so read on for more details!

Get a Vehicle Valuation Online Through Our Tool

Our online tool uses the Kelley Blue Book database to provide you a price range for what we'd offer for your vehicle in its current state. Kelley Blue Book has a sterling reputation and uses data on what models similar to yours went for. This secure online vehicle value tool requires some basic info and won't take long to fill out. If you're just starting your search, you can find the value of your vehicle online to get a better idea of your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Valuations and Trade-Ins

We receive a lot of questions about vehicle trade-ins, including some more frequent questions that we want to clear up. Below, we highlight these FAQs and the main benefits of trading in your vehicle when looking for a new one.

Can I Get a Cash Offer for My Car Online?

Yes. You can start the vehicle trade-in process online without having to visit our dealership. The Kelley Blue Book tool will give you a price range based on the info that you've provided. You do have to visit our dealership for a final vehicle appraisal, but you don't need an appointment, and it won't take long.

What Vehicle Info Do I Need to Value My Vehicle?

Our KBB online vehicle value tool requires some basic info about your vehicle. You can use your VIN or just put in the make, model, trim level, and any packages that came with your model. Then, put in the mileage and selecting the vehicle condition that best describes your model.

What Are the Benefits of Trading In Your Old Car?

There are many benefits to trading in your vehicle for a new Ford near Johns Island, SC. It means that you don't have to tackle selling your car yourself, which can be exhausting. We provide great value for your car, and that money can massively lower your monthly car payments for a new Ford truck, car, or SUV.

Do I Need to Trade-in My Vehicle for a New One?

You don't need to trade in a vehicle with us to enjoy a new Ford or used car from our inventory. You also don't need to buy or lease a car from us to use this tool to sell your car to our dealership. We're happy to buy cars near Walterboro, so let us know if there's a model you want to move on from!

Do I Pay Taxes on Vehicle Trade-Ins?

Trading in your vehicle will help you lower the cost of your next vehicle, and you won't have to pay taxes on what we'll offer for your vehicle. You can save hundreds of dollars on your next vehicle when you don't have to pay the sales tax for a car you trade in!

Other Ways Our Ford Finance Center in Ravenel, SC Can Help You

Again, you can tackle this vehicle trade-in from the comfort of your home. We hope that this page highlighted the process and the benefits of it, but you can always call if you need help. Our auto finance professionals have worked with a wide range of car shoppers with varying credit histories, so we're sure that they can help you figure out your car loan or new Ford lease!