Find Tires For Your Ford

When wear or other factors have you in need of swapping out your vehicle's road shoes in any season, making sure you have the right set is crucial. After all, the cost of ordering Ford tires, mounting and balancing isn't the sort that many customers like to encounter regularly. That's why we encourage you to take the path with the fewest question marks, and let us guide you toward the recommended size and tread for your specific Ford!

Like our prime selection of F-150, Explorer, Expedition, Fusion, and Focus models, their different missions will require different tires. The same can be said for drivers who might be looking to shop for winter-ready options. That's why our search tool lets you select your specific model year, model, and trim level--so whatever level of sure-footedness your vehicle needs, you can browse the options that are made to fit, and ready to order.

If you want a specific brand of tire, such as those from popular brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, or Continental, rest assured that they can be found here or ordered for you! We can also advise shoppers from Charleston, Walterboro, and Johns Island, SC about recommended winter treads from Blizzak, Hancock, BFGoodrich, and others--should they be necessary. In short, whatever need you have for your Ford's pavement shoes, we provide our customers with the tools and guidance to choose.

Ravenel Ford Inc. Can Order, and Install Your Ford Tires

Any all-season, performance, off-road, or winter tire that we order can be mounted, balanced, or rotated by our service center. Where the Blue Oval has their recommended rubber for your car, our certified technicians provide the specific care your vehicle needs to "Go Further." Rest assured, when it comes to the maintenance your car needs to greet each day like it's first odometer mile, there are no substitutes worth accepting.

If you have any questions for the tire experts at our Ravenel, SC dealership, the answers are just a phone call away. So if the need arises, don't hesitate to reach out at any time by phone or our contact form.