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What is the factory invoice price and why should I care?

The factory invoice price is the amount a dealer pays to buy a vehicle from the factory. This matters because by law it is an equal price that all dealers pay regardless of their size. When you know what a dealer paid for a car it is easy to see when you are getting a great deal.

Is the sale price you have posted on your new cars the lowest price I can get?

Usually not! Because rebates change so frequently and not all customers are eligible for all rebates we do not deduct the rebate amounts from the sale price we post. The sale price posted is $98.00 over factory invoice. If you add taxes and tags you will get the highest price you would have to pay to buy the vehicle.

How can I find out about rebates?

Advertised factory rebates and special incentives are a big part of a new car purchase. Special private offers, such as those offered to active duty military, business owners, handicapped persons and more may also be available to customers who meet specific eligibility guidelines. The link below will show you public offers but please call or email us and let us search for every dollar of rebate money we can get you. Many times we can find you some extra discounts that do not show up on the Ford site!

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What should I look out for when comparing your price?

Documentation fees: This is a fee charged by a dealer to sell you a car. If you really like the dealer we suppose you could pay them extra money over the sale price to buy a car from them but isn't doing the paperwork part of selling a car anyway? At Ravenel Ford we have never charged anyone any additional money for the privilege of selling them a car and are surprised when customers agree to pay these charges. Customers should be aware that most of the dealerships in our area charge a documentation fee and rarely include it in quoted or advertised prices. $100 under invoice plus a $495 documentation fee equals $395 over invoice.

Beating a best price: Often we see dealers advertising that they will beat the best price a customer can find. If a dealer will only give you a good price if you run all over town getting prices, do they have any of your best interest in mind? What if you are not a good shopper and the price you bring them to beat is not so good? Aren't they saying that they want to charge you as much as they can get away with? Do they deserve your business if they want to take advantage of you?

The shell game of trade ins: With $98.00 over factory invoice pricing you get our best price before you are offered anything for your trade in. This way you can clearly see what you are paying and what we are giving. See our Frequently Asked Questions for Trades page for more information.

The shell game of vehicle options: You need only look at the ads in the automotive section of the newspaper to see this common problem in car shopping. Many dealers are selling only a price or payment and not a vehicle. When you see a vehicle with a price that is thousands less than you are expecting to pay, many times it is because it has no equipment on it. The picture and price look great - but how many people really want to drive a car with no air conditioning? We feel it is most important to get a great price on the car or truck you really want to drive. We are happy to give you a quote on any level of equipment and we often find that customers can drive a loaded car from us for the same cost as much lesser equipped model at other dealerships.

Making it up on the next customer: We have heard this explanation from a local dealer used to explain the selling a car for less than the originally offered price. We find what this says about the dealer to be interesting. Does this mean that if you manage to negotiate a low price, should you then NOT recommend your grandmother to shop for her car at the same dealership? Are they going to "make up" the discount they gave to you by over charging her? How do you know they are not "making up" for a big discount they gave to the last customer on your purchase? At Ravenel Ford our lower overhead means we never need to make up for a low price. Everyone gets a great deal every day.

Equipment "Ad-Ons": At some car stores, the suggested retail prices and mark-up in the vehicle are inflated in order to provide a larger profit margin or to provide the customer a larger trade allowance figure (on paper). This is done by adding options that the customer does not request to the vehicle and then greatly marking up the price of the option. These options can include: pin stripes, undercoating, paint sealants, fabric protectors, glass etching, vehicle start interrupt systems and much more. $100 under invoice plus $395 for a $20 pin stripe equals $275 over invoice.

The Low Ball: Occasionally we see a deal that looks like a real bargain. We appreciate the opportunity to compare prices to ours and help customers confirm the value of the offer. If we do not find any of the above mentioned problems with the deal, our advice is usually to attempt to complete the purchase from the other dealer. We have seen a dealer that knew their customer was going to shop prices everywhere in town give a quote so low that they insure you will return to them. The hope is that you will be worn out and will buy even after the "mistake" in the quoted price is discovered and the price has been raised. This is another way a dealer can make a customer tell them the highest price they can get for a car.

Why is it so hard to buy a car?

Profit. The selling of automobiles is big business. Many stores are publicly held and must make a big return for the stockholders. Some privately held stores have owners with expensive tastes. These pressures create the need to maximize the profit on every sale with little regard for the value of a customer's future business. At Ravenel Ford and at our sister store, Marchant Chevrolet, we want a sale today and one tomorrow. We make every effort to keep prices low and make the buying experience easy

What is the Trade-In Liquidation Lot?

The Trade-In Liquidation lot is where we sell cars that are not good enough to be Ravenel Ford used cars. Many times we trade in a car that is not worn out but is well worn. It has too many miles or needs too many repairs to make it a Ravenel Ford used car. These cars go to the Liquidation Lot. If you are willing and able to find and fix problems yourself and will not have any hard feelings when your car breaks, you may find a super bargain on the Trade-In Liquidation Lot.

Why are the prices so low?

The Prices are low because of our low overhead and because we traded these cars ourselves. Most lots selling older used cars have to buy them at auctions or from wholesalers. This adds cost to the cars. They also have to pay their overhead from only the sale of those cars. We can spread our overhead to our new car, used car and service operations. It costs us very little to sell the cars because we already have them and we already have staff to sell them. We can pass these savings to our customers.

Are there any warranties on Liquidator Lot cars?

Absolutely not. The low prices on Liquidation Lot cars require that they are sold strictly as is. If you would be more comfortable with a warranty please look at a Ravenel Ford used car.

Can I have my mechanic check a Liquidator Lot car out?

Yes. We encourage customers to be sure they are happy with a cars condition before they buy it.

Please understand the important Trade-In Liquidation Lot Special Terms of Sale before shopping our cars!

Vehicles offered for sale on the Liquidation Lot do not meet the same standards as other used vehicles we sell. It is our intention to offer these vehicles to customers who are willing and able to identify problems and make the necessary repairs for proper operation. Customers are asked to carefully consider the following policies before they make a purchase.

Vehicles are on the Liquidation Lot because they did not meet the standards for our comprehensive used car warranty.

Customers should expect existing and future mechanical and cosmetic deficiencies.

All vehicles are sold AS IS and specifically not warranted or guaranteed. Ravenel Ford excludes and disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This means these cars may not operate as a motor vehicle. Please inspect vehicles carefully!

Customers assume all responsibilities for safe operation. Although Ravenel Ford may attempt to offer information as to their opinion of the condition of a vehicle, it is the consumer's responsibility to make their own inspection and final judgment as to the safe operation of the vehicle being purchased.

Customer acknowledges no written or oral statements from anyone associated with Ravenel Ford regarding the condition of these cars have been made and no adjustments, repairs or accommodations of any kind will be made after the sale is completed. If you are unhappy with a vehicle's current condition or would be unhappy when you have a breakdown (which could occur on the way home from the lot) do not complete your purchase. We encourage you to look at one of our non liquidation cars which have been carefully inspected by us all of which carry a comprehensive limited warranty.

What about my trade-in? Can you sell me a car at a good price and pay a good price for my trade?

Trading a car in Ravenel is really easy! We have a huge advantage over many dealers in that we resell almost every trade. Many dealers wholesale their trade-ins, and since they have to plan to pay transportation and auction fees and take whatever the market gives, they often offer lower values. Between our regular used car lot and our Trade-In Liquidation Lot, we resell almost every vehicle we trade in. This means more money for your trade in!

Can you give me a trade in price without seeing my trade?

Every car is unique and deserves a careful inspection to set a value. With a good description, we are happy to discuss what other cars like yours has traded for and give you some idea what you might expect for a trade value. But actual offers normally require that we look at and drive your car. If you want a third party opinion of what other customers received on their trade, you may want to use Kelley Blue Book's vehicle evaluation site. There you can see what other dealers have reported paying for similar cars. Please be aware that because of the higher than normal discounts we offer on new vehicles you are likely to see a much higher trade in value than what is reported by Kelley Blue Book.

A recent example:

The vehicle being purchased was a 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with a sticker price of $44,860 and a $98.00 over invoice price of $41,321.

These figures do not reflect factory rebates which lowered the customer's final cost even more!

The vehicle being traded was a 2004 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer in "fair" condition, needing tires and substantial maintance and body repairs. The truck had almost 100,000 miles on it.

Kelly Blue Book showed that a good deal should have looked like this:

  $44,860 Price of the new car
-$9,375 "Fair" condition Kelly Blue Book value
=$35,485 Book value trade difference

Our actual deal looked like this:

  $41,321 $98.00 over invoice price
- $9,000 Our trade in allowance
=$32,321 Our trade difference

What our same deal looks like using the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: These are the figures that we would report to Kelly Blue Book to make future book values.

  $44,860 Price of the new car
- $12,539 Retail trade allowance
=$32,321 Our trade difference

Please notice that the retail trade in allowance of $12,539 is $3,164 over the Kelly Value. This difference is due to the above normal discounts we give every day. This is also how dealers can offer guaranteed minimum trade values. They have simply over priced the car they are selling in order to over allow on the trade in.

What makes a Ravenel Ford used car better?

The care we take in insuring our customers will be happy with them! We start with the best cars available, mostly our own trade-ins and cars purchased from Ford under the Factory Program Car System. We carefully check them out and complete all required maintance services. Then our detail department cleans and polishes our cars to look like new. This process makes all of our cars eligible for our comprehensive used car warranty and most become eligible for a Ford ESP extended warranty. Many are also become Ford Certified.

Everyone says they check their cars before they sell them, why is your check better?

All Ravenel Ford used cars get a comprehensive used car warranty. We know it will cost us a substantial amount in claims if the cars are not fully checked out and serviced before we sell them. This is why we pay our technicians based on how many items they can find to service or repair. This motivates them to find every item that might cost our customers money in the future.

How can I tell a Ravenel Ford car is better?

We can show you! Aside from seeing and smelling how clean our cars are, we document all the work we have done to make the car ready. If you look in the glove box of our cars you will find a CARFAX report, and a vehicle repair order documenting every item we have repaired. Ford Certified cars also have a certified inspection report and an additional vehicle history report waiting for your review.

You can see for yourself by looking at other cars in the market. We regularly see cars priced more than ours that have no evidence that anyone has even changed the oil, much less completed the $500 to $1500 in maintenance work many cars need. We encourage our customers not to make the mistake of buying just a price. If you buy a Ravenel Ford used car you get value for your money and you get Ravenel Ford standing behind your car with a comprehensive warranty and available Ford ESP extended warranty.

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