Use the Black Book Credit Estimator Before Getting a Car Loan

Providing car shoppers around Charleston, SC with a wide range of models to choose from is just the start of the exceptional experience you get when coming to us. No matter the dealership you go to, there are several steps to the car buying process, but the one that most often trips up drivers is finding financing. Well, you'll have fewer worries with our car loan experts and tools like our online credit estimator. Learn how this tool can help any car shopper when you read on!

Why Should You Use Our Free Black Book Credit Estimator?

Knowing your credit score is the start to making sure you're getting the best vehicle financing plan available to you whether you're leasing a new Ford or getting a loan for a used model. The tool linked above is different from many others as it doesn’t require personal info like your date of birth or social, won't change your credit score, and is totally free to use. We'll use your credit score and some other info like your yearly income when we talk with the various auto lenders around us, which is another way we make sure you know all the options you have for financing.

Car shoppers can trust us to keep their info secure and use it to help them better understand the interest rates and loan terms they can expect. This knowledge is important to know earlier in the shopping process as it gives you a better idea of the models and options in your price range. Saying that, we work with all credit histories to help drivers get the right financing plan for the model that they have their eye on, so give us a call if you're just starting out on this exciting journey!

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