The Amazing Ford F-150 is Even Better with the Black Widow Edition at Our Dealership Near Charleston

The new Ford F-150 trucks sitting at our dealership are some of the most eye-grabbing models on our lot, but that's especially true of the Black Widow Edition from SCA Performance. This team has been customizing trucks since 1979, so they know what the truck needs to impress drivers and onlookers alike. Feel free to check out our page on the special Ford F-150 at our dealership outside Charleston and read on to learn how it stands out.

What Add-Ons Make This Truck At Ravenel Ford so Special?

The Ford F-150 in and of itself is an amazing truck, award-winning in fact. Its frame, engines, and cab layout make it a truck capable of towing equipment as well as excursions off the pavement, and it comes with tons of tech that aids with any journey. These models are impressive in their own right, but even they seem inferior to the Black Widow edition.

What's special about this pickup? Well, it comes with almost $25,000 worth of add-ons that aid capability and looks. It starts with the pre-installed six-inch lift, 22-inch wheels, and a high clearance front bumper while the fender flares and custom hood vents add more to the cosmetics. When you want a truck that looks and feels the part, this F-150 Black Widow Edition is the one you want!

Experience this Dominating Truck When You Visit Us!

You can follow the link above to see a picture of this special edition, but if you want to experience the unique characteristics of this truck, come on down to our showroom. We can show you around the Black Widow F-150 and fill you in what makes it different from the other Ford F-150 trucks on our lot. We hope you come to check it out soon!

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