Run Satisfied, Run Smooth With These Service Coupons From Ravenel Ford


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One of the great conundrums is needing a car to handle all the rigors and pace of every-day life, but struggling to find time to give it the love and care it needs. Part of that may be finding a window to work it into your schedule, but let’s be honest—servicing any car is expensive. Before you convince yourself there’s no way around that fact, consider the prospects on offer with our Ford service coupons!

Our service specials represent numerous and continuous opportunities to pay less for your next battery service, brake pad replacement, oil change, or next set of tires. Although these routine items may seem inexpensive compared to repairs that might need Ford parts, they can still add up. So when your coming up on your next visit, we encourage you to browse the current choices and discover how caring for your car can put money back into your budget!

But like the coupons you might find at your local grocery store, our specials expire, too. What you see on our page right now may not be around in a week or a month. Conversely, even more are waiting just off-stage, prepared to take their place. As your next interval nears, take some time at the start of the month to browse our specials and coupons to get the best picks, and the most time to take advantage of them!

With winter upon us—although that doesn’t usually mean snow in our corner of South Carolina—bringing your vehicle in for its regular check and tune-up is more important than ever. Double that if you regularly drive to climates where road salt, pot holes, and freezing temperatures reign supreme. But before you reach out to our service department to make your appointment, swing by our specials page and have a look at what’s on tap. Who knows—most of your next visit could save you money in the long run!

Whether our Charleston, Johns Island, SC, and Walterboro customers need a new car, or require the care to keep their current vehicle running at peak performance, they know they can trust our our Ford dealership in Ravenel, SC to help. Interested in learning more about our offers or vehicles? No need to be shy--contact us at your convenience!

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